What you need to know about KoDDoS

KoDDos is the perfect solution for all business owners looking for a better tool to fight all kinds of web attacks. This is because this solution offers extensive protection against malware. In addition, this web host is also globally recognized for its effectiveness in warding off high or medium denial of service attacks.

KoDDoS features

There are several variations of the range of features that KoDDos offers. In other words, the KoDDoS Protection hosting provider has several additional features in relation to colocation as well as separate hosting. These naturally protect the servers from denial of service attacks. Furthermore, KoDDos also plays two important roles: a virtual role and a dedicated server role. However, the biggest advantage of this famous host is the security it offers to those who use it. In addition, the range of the said host is really wide in concert with its renowned security. You have the opportunity to make a choice suitable to your preferences from the exhaustive list of shared hosting packages that KoDDos Hosting offers. In addition, customers also have a list of so-called offshore hosting packages. It is important to note that high filtering is required for all hosting packages from the KoDDos provider. For excessive filtering, the highest package in the said range is estimated at 120 GBPS and its storage capacity is 30 GB.

KoDDoS pricing

As opposed to all the high-end packages, KoDDos is not affordable. To put it plainly, the majority of providers offering their customers hosting services only give them the services they paid for. In principle, the cost prices of KoDDoS are absolutely high. However, there is an advantage to this. You will get the necessary support from a dynamic and experienced team. In addition to this, high quality equipment is available to customers to ensure that they have a flawless customer experience. In doing so, damaging web attacks will be permanently removed from all the structured elements of their computer system. Under these conditions, you will enjoy the peace of the web more and thus, focus only on the development of your website. We remind you that the KoDDos hosting company does not provide any money back guarantee or free package because of the impeccable quality of these services.