Justice and Law

Every society face a problem regarding criminals. Criminals can be found at every part of the world. Whether they do unjust acts or evil acts to their neighbors unintentionally, they are still judged as criminals. In jail, we can see different kinds of prisoners. Some are innocent and were just accused of committing a crime while others, their innocence cannot be seen and proved. Why do people come to the point of committing a crime? The greatest reason is  money, isn’t it?

In this world, there are two kinds of criminals. There are intentional and unintentional criminals. Whenever we hear about the news that are happening all throughout the world, most of these are about crimes. Because of these, many victims are pleading for justice.

What about the government? What are the necessary actions that the governing bodies need to do in order to help poor victims who were accused or blamed without committing a crime? Sure things are: (a) they have to give justice to the victims and (b) make necessary laws to lessen the crimes. Justice and Law always come together hand in hand. Without the law, no one can feel any fear. Criminals will continue to do evil acts with confidence because there are no laws that will block them in committing a crime.

This is how laws work on this world. In order to give justice to the victims of a crime, the murderer or criminal accused of a crime must be proven guilty. On the other hand, if there are no proper laws that will prove a man’s crime, there would always be a chaos everywhere.