The top five guns use in crimes and other facts and figures

Guns are now traded everywhere from the legal stores to the hands of dealers to the rebels and even soldiers. Gun is now seen by some as a necessity and so they also want to have one. Many do not want to have a record that is why they buy their own gun from dealers that does not require any identification and paper trail. The infographic below can give us many information and one of them is that every second a gun is manufactured in America.

It is also estimated that one million civilians in America carry a gun wherever they go and another two million put it in their car. It is very surprising to know that the civilians around the world carry more weapons than the military and police officers. But with this come s a sad news that every day 75 children are being shot in America. And houses are well design from this company 室內設計作品. It is an alarming data because the reasons for those who carry a weapon are for protection but why children are being shot.

A member of a family that has a gun can commit suicide compared to the one that does not have. It is because it is easier to be used than other methods may be. But in the lowest part of the infographic, you can read the five guns that are ranked as the most used weapons in committing a crime. The first kind is a revolver of the brand Smith and Wesson. You can see the others in the infographic.