Laws Governing Gun Owners

In the whole world gun control is so hard to solve. In reality, all countries have different point of view about possessing a gun or buying a gun. Some countries are not strict in buying a gun so anyone can just buy it. However, some countries do not allow guns to be purchased by anyone.

For example, guns can be purchased if and only if purchaser have gun license. So gun license if one of the laws about gun control in order to reduce crime act. Actually, it is true that the lesser the gun owners are, the lesser gun murder occurs. Of course, except military people and navy men. It is natural that these kinds of people have to bring gun for their work.

Those whose mind are unstable can use their gun in to kill someone without any pity. Some people who just shoot guns and never mind if they go to jail or not. According to law of gun, shoot training should be performed in a place where no one can be shot. It is very important to know that gun men are so proud for themselves.

By the law, every one should put fire arm in safety condition and use them in not to kill people. This is not the use of a firearm. The law also said that handlers should not show gun to any one especially to babies.

Some leaders use religion on order to reduce the using of gun. However, even religion can not solve this problem. Some religions are allowed to kill even in any situation.